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Thank you for visiting the Pierre@Dieregesondheid - Animal Health website. 

Our aim is to provide practical, as well as sound scientific information to the ordinary person. Be it the game or livestock farmer, or the ordinary pet owner caring for cats and dogs. We promise to, as far as possible, share information that has been published in Scientific Journals. Information made practical for the ordinary animal owner who has a true need to be informed regarding matters such as parasites, general health issues and husbandry practices that are practical, informative and related to the animal in question.
Note that this information is not intended to replace any animal practitioner or veterinary practitioner in any way whatsoever. No responsibility will be accepted for information and advice shared here and/or misconstrued and/or wrongly applied on any animal and in any circumstance. 
This Web site is a service to you with the objective to share sound information as best as possible. If there is an animal topic you are interested in, I welcome your questions and suggestions. Also see all the Blog sections on Pet Health, as well as in the section within the Dipmaster Blog, focusing on various topics related to game and farm animals.
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