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Eye Prolapse

Eye Prolapse (“popping out”)

This can happen due to head trauma or excessive pressure to the head or body. Handling your dog roughly, or in any way that puts pressure on the eye can cause this. Often this will happen during a dog fight in which the other dog catches the skin of the eye. Because the Pekingese has such a shallow eye socket and a large eye, the eyeball can pop out. This looks frightening but by quickly attending to it and getting it back into the socket, your dogs vision will most likely not be affected. If you are within minutes of a vet, or a pet hospital, it is wise to let your vet handle this and not to try and do it yourself. However, if your vet is far away, or you are unable to get to an emergency pet hospital within one hour, you should attempt to do this with the help of another person. Time is of the essence, because once the muscle surrounding the eye starts to swell, getting the eyeball back into the socket will be impossible without veterinary intervention.

Treating a Pekingese dog with “eye out of socket” if you are able to get him/her to a vet:

Protect the injured eye and keep it moist.

Soak a piece of gauze in lukewarm contact lens solution (or lukewarm water)  and cover the eye. Keep the gauze moist by spraying it, you do not want to remove it from the eye and the gauze must stay moist.

Treating a Pekingese dog with “eye out of socket” if you are not near your vet and must do it yourself:

Stay calm. With clean hands, grip the skin of the upper and lower lids and pull forward. Generously lubricate the eye with petroleum jelly. As you pull the eyelids forward, the eye may just slip right back in.  If this is not the case, you will need an assistant with clean hands to gently push the eye back in, as you pull the lids forward.

If they eye is not going back into the socket because it has already begun to swell, protect his eye, keep it moist and get him to the vet ASAP.