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Pierre@Dieregesondheid First Aid Kit for Pets
1. ABORTION – The injection which can be administered to a bitch to prevent / end an unwanted pregnancy is only available through a Vet and not all of them keep it in stock.
2. ABSCESSES – Large syringe with thick sterile “white needle” (available from ‘human’ pharmacies like Dischem), which can be used in case of emergency (and too far from your Vet). Insert into the abscess, extract and drain. Leave a hole/opening so the abscess can drain further by itself. Treat with saline solution (9g/2 level teaspoons table salt mixed with 1 litre lukewarm boiled water) and rub some of Pierre’s aqueous cream and sulphur mix on.
3. ALLERGIES - see under Sedatives.
4. ANTIBIOTICS for cats: Doxysyrup or Synulox.
5. ANXIETY – see under Shock.
6. APPETITE stimulation – Plain white Greek or Bulgarian full/double cream yoghurt and Promix EM products.Use Protexin to stimulate the guts bacteria so the animal gets hungry. Pro-Kolin is also available and promising research is being done about Colostrum. Nutrostim is a high calorie gel with very promising results. Also give Blue Liquid as indicated on the package.
7. BEE STING: Give Allergex/Texa/10mg Phenergan according to animal’s weight. 1 pill for each 10kg, max 4 at once for dogs over 40kg.
8. BLADDER INFECTION – can be cleared with a knife point Citric Soda in a tablespoon lukewarm boiled water (twice a day for 3 days) or Norotrim tablets.
9. BLOOD in EXCRETION – Give Du Toit’s Steel Drops (or Turlington) 5 drops twice a day (big dogs 10 drops) in a syringe with Marmite water until any signs of ‘internal’ bleeding stops.
10. CAT FLU or PARVO – The most important lesson to learn is that it is a virus and nothing can kill/destroy a virus. Therefore, it is so critical for all annual injections to be given at the right time. Your best contribution is to ensure that the animal does not get dehydrated. Oral dosages of electrolytes (like Darrows Solution) and specifically naartjie Energade / Powerade as well as Marmite water and Norotrim tablets or Cosumix This helps to prevent secondary infections which the animal will suffer as a result of its low immunity. Thus, strengthen your animal’s immune system, especially whilst he/she is in good health.
11. CONSTIPATION – Laxapet / Animalax or liquid medicinal paraffin (normal dose for dogs under 5kg 1 teaspoon, dogs over 5kg 1 tablespoon) and/or glycerine suppository. You can also grate about a quarter teaspoon of green Sunlight soap (the block), roll into a pellet with some lukewarm boiled water for a suppository – lubricate with Vaseline and/or KY jelly and insert in anus until you can feel the sphincter muscles contract. Plain white Greek / Bulgarian full/double cream yoghurt with a finger portion of ‘raw’ honey will also help.
12. COUGH – Lick of Honey with a dash of Cinnamon or 1ml Bisolvin Linctus per 10kg dog. Kennel cough can be very successfully treated with Doxydog tablets.
13. DEHYDRATION – see under Diarrhoea.
14. DIARRHOEA – can be very successfully treated with Norotrim tablets, otherwise Lennon’s Jamaica Ginger or Kem-O-Dene – 3 drops on a knifepoint sugar mixed with tablespoon lukewarm boiled water.
a) With vomiting and diarrhoea the animal is dehydrated and suffers from electrolyte imbalances.
b) Naartjie Energade (5-10ml, depending on animal’s size/weight) can also be given i.e. small dogs 5ml, larger dogs 10ml.
c) Can alternate every 15-20 minutes with Marmite/Oxo/Bovril water (1 teaspoon Marmite/Bovril/Oxo mixed with 1 cup lukewarm boiled water).
d) In an emergency you can also use beef or chicken stock/extract (1 block dissolved in 2 cups lukewarm boiled water).
e) Darrows Solution/Pectrolyte/Rehydrate (or similar medication for babies) can be obtained from your chemist to prevent dehydration.
f) Rooibos tea black / without sugar can be given freely - mix some (½ teaspoon) Protexin in as well.
g) Plain white Greek or Bulgarian full/double cream yoghurt can also be freely given.
h) A home-made electrolyte mix consists of 9 grams (about 2 level teaspoons) table salt mixed with 4 teaspoons sugar and a litre of lukewarm boiled water. Ensure that the animal is given one of these liquids every 15-20 minutes.
i) You can also swipe a finger dabbed in raw honey in the animal’s mouth every 20 minutes – sugar is poisonous for dogs but in this case the stomach’s bacteria need energy and you must prevent the waste concentrating in the kidneys/liver/stomach and ensure that it is excreted as quick as possible.
j) TO BIND THE STOMACH – Custard powder or flour/Maizena – quarter teaspoon on knifepoint sugar mixed with a bit of lukewarm boiled water into a slightly liquid mix (only 10% of the animal’s weight over 24 hours). Also boil some pumpkin in water (without salt), mash, mix in a teaspoon of Maizena and feed. You can also mix yoghurt and finely cooked chicken and rice with it.
k) Always ensure that fresh water is available. Also feed half cooked chicken livers in soft format, small quantities very frequently.
l) GASTRO and/or RUMMY TUMMIES of cats: Flagyl or Enteritis suspension.
15. DISINFECTION / STERILISATION of property – F10 disinfectant.
Home remedy: 30ml vanilla essence, 1 tablespoon eucalyptus oil,  1 tablespoon Citronella or clove oil (optional), 3 cups water. Mix well. If it does not mix properly add a few drops of lemon juice or dishwasher. Keep your animals away from the area you are going to treat and do not spray on wood. Also beware of your eyes! Especially keep cats away.
16. EAR MITES / EXCESSIVE WAX in CATS: Clean Ear can be used.
17. EXCEMA in cats: F10 ointment. Also try Pierre’s aqueous and flower of sulphur mix.
18. EYE INFECTION: Octin, ISEE or ExOcin. ExOcin is also used in cases where the cornea has been scratched. Black Rooibos Tea can also be used to clean eye regularly.
19. EYES that are SORE: Vitamin A supplements in the form of liver and/or tablets and injections are extremely important. Soak a Rooibos teabag in a cup of lukewarm boiled water and sponge the eyes regularly with the teabag and the tea water – use a new bag every time and do not rub the eyes. Your local pharmacist should be able to provide you with the correct antibiotic ointment for infections.
20. EYES and SNAKES – when a spitting snake ‘targets’ the eyes, wash/rinse with any safe liquid as much as possible – running tap water or rooibos tea – and then insert Octin eye drops as prescribed. Urine and Milk should NEVER be used. Snake bites will be treated separately – the best option is get to your Vet ASAP!
21. FEVER – Take ice blocks, wrap in towel and put on stomach; also wet a cloth with cold water and wipe stomach and inside of groin. Can also put his/her feet in a bath of cool water and let him/her stand for a few minutes – but always under supervision.
22. FLEAS and TICKS – The best on the market is currently Bravecto for dogs and Fiprotec (Fipronil) for cats, Advantage or Advocate. There are various other brands available as well like Nexguard but make sure that the product you use, ensures effective management and is safe for your animal. Cats can get Omega 3 and 6 as supplement, also Felisine and the Promix range of products to boost the immune system and in the case of ‘Snuffels’. Stay away from stock available at supermarkets as it appears not to be as effective for successful treatment.
23. FLIES on EARS: Blommetjie Mix, Shoofly or Quadrepel for dogs and horses. Advantix, Exspot, Equiline, Buzz off or F10 wound spray with insecticide are also used in some circumstances.
24. GAUZE: Sterile gauze swabs to use during treatment of wounds.
25. IMMUNE BOOSTER: DOGS: Promix EM Probiotic and Multivitamin, a teaspoon olive oil, 2-3 large tablespoons plain white Greek full/double cream yoghurt, black without sugar rooibos tea, kaiings 1-2 daily (Yorkies only 1 x 2-3 times/week). CATS: Promix EM Probiotic and Multivitamin, olive oil, Omega 6 oils and plain white Greek full/double cream yoghurt mixed with some turmeric. Felisine and/or Nutristim.
26. MITES in the EARS – Virgin olive oil, or sweet oil, Oticlean then Otomax is the advice for mites in the ears. Remember hairs in the ear canal can also cause yeast in the ears. Remove the hairs in the ear canal.
27. MITES/TICKS on SNAKES: Spray (mist) the inside of a pillowcase lightly with BioKill, put the snake in and tie the pillowcase closed. Leave till the following day. Remove everything from the cage and wash it thoroughly with 1 portion Jik and 10 portions water solution. Let dry thoroughly.
28. NAUSEA: Valoid suppositories – the normal paediatric Valoid (for babies) from your pharmacy but according to weight! Amount – very small dogs quarter tablet, dogs up to and including 20kg half a tablet and dogs over 20kg a whole tablet.
29. PAIN MEDICATIONS: It is scheduled medicine and should only be administered under the supervision of a Vet for a specific condition / situation. These are harmful drugs. Pain is nature’s way of forcing an animal to rest and give the wound a chance to heal naturally. When the pain is suppressed the animal does not give the wound time to heal naturally and it will get more inflamed. Even scheduled Rimadyl has negative side effects and can only be prescribed by a Vet after careful examination of the animal for a specific condition / situation.
30. PAIN and FEVER of cats (anti-inflammatory): Petcalm.
- The most critical is to get the animal to vomit: give 15ml peroxide (Hydrogen peroxide solution B.P. 10 volume 3% m/m) slowly with a syringe in the mouth OR 1 teaspoon washing powder dissolved in a cup of lukewarm boiled water. Prevent it getting into the lungs. ALWAYS KEEP A TEASPOON WASHING POWDER READY FOR EMERGENCIES!
- After the animal has vomited, give 5-6 activated charcoal tablets – can be bought at your local pharmacy – to neutralise/absorb the remaining poison in the stomach. If you do not have any – 4 slices white break burnt to cinders in the oven, roll into a pellet with some lukewarm boiled water and feed as soon as possible, even if you have to force it down the throat with your finger until the animal swallows it.
a. With 2-step or ALDICARB poisoning: Above two steps always first – the antidote for this is Atropine which can only be administered by a registered Vet.
b. With RAT POISON: Above two steps always first, then Kyrovite – also known as Vitamin K – injection and/or Vitamin K tablets as prescribed – available from your Vet.
c. With FROGS: Follow first two steps above – then rub some meat tenderiser on the animal’s tongue/in the gums to break the frog’s excretion and the saliva’s protein chain – can also give pineapple juice and after that plain white Greek full/double cream yoghurt and rooibos tea black / without sugar.
32. GLASS SWALLOWED? Take a slice of bread, cover with a sufficient amount of mayonnaise, spread 4-5 cotton balls out over it evenly, fill up with mayonnaise again and then take a scissors and cut the slice of bread/cotton/mayo into 1" squares and feed it to the dog ... the cotton will snag around any sharp pieces of glass, the mayonnaise will lubricate it going down as well as facilitate bowel movement and get it excreted. Give 2-3 tablespoons of liquid medicinal paraffin thereafter.
33. RINGWORM of cats: Ringworm ointment.
34. SEDATIVES and ALLERGIES – Allergex syrup or tablets (small and medium doggies ½ Allergex, large dogs 1 whole Allergex, very large breeds 2 tablets in an emergency). If the animal has an allergic rash Allergex or 10 mg Phenergan and/or Texa can be given orally (not Prednisone) (dosage according to weight) and Caladryl Lotion can be applied topically (both available from the ‘human’ pharmacy). Crunch the tablets and wipe on gums, do not try to camouflage in a piece of meat or a treat as it can affect the efficacy of the same. You can also rub 3-4 Rescue drops on the inside of the ear flaps where you can see the veins to calm the animal. You cannot overdose with Rescue Drops.
35. SHOCK and ANXIETY – Rescue Remedy tablets or Calmeze, Allergex, Texa and/or 10mg Phenergan – especially in the case of firecrackers and also a fear of travelling in a vehicle. Also rub 3-4 Rescue drops on the inside of the ear flap where you can see the veins. You cannot overdose with Rescue drops.
36. SKIN PROBLEMS / DRY SKIN – Lubricate by rubbing with virgin olive oil or coconut oil and after about an hour, treat with Pierre’s aqueous cream and flower of sulphur mix as well.
37. SKIN that smells: It is probably the same bacteria causing ‘happy feet’ with humans. The elimination of the negative bacteria is necessary. Rub the whole body with plain white Greek full/double cream yoghurt, leave for about an hour so that the probiotics can eliminate the negative bacteria on the skin and result in a healthier balance on the skin, where the positive bacteria can fight the negative bacteria on its own. This usually happens when an animal is bathed too often and the healthy bacteria on the skin suffer as a result thereof. Bath with Propyrepet and rinse with apple cider vinegar water.
38. SPIDER BITE causing growth: make a mix of grated Sunlight soap (the old fashioned green cake) and brown sugar with as little as possible lukewarm boiled water, a tablespoon full and place on the wound so the skin can become soft and wrap it closed; by Day 2 it should be such that if you just pull the slightest, it will burst open. Just ensure you wear gloves.
39. STERI-STRIPS: Nowadays stitches are used less often – buy a few Steri-Strips from your chemist for use in emergencies to heal wounds – sides are usually left open for proper drainage.
40. STOMACH PAIN/CRAMPS – Lennon’s Jamaica Ginger or Kem-O-Dene – 3-5 drops on a knifepoint of sugar and tablespoon lukewarm boiled water – give with a syringe to restore the electrolytes in the stomach. Buscopan for Kids – 1ml per 10kg dog
41. STOMACH and DIGESTION of cats: Protexin.
42. SYRINGES – plastic syringe that can contain about +-30ml to give liquids orally.
43. TEETH: Red gums can indicate infection – give plain white Greek full/double cream yoghurt daily with Protexin; buy baby tooth brush and paste, mix with some bicarbonate of soda and brush daily; wash carrots with skin thoroughly, break in pieces and freeze – give daily as a treat to remove excessive plaque.
44. TEETH INFECTIONS of cats: can cause kidney failure – clean teeth by rubbing with bicarbonate of soda.
45. THERMOMETER for measuring temperature. Fever levels are about the same for dogs and humans.
46. TICK REMOVAL: Take some alcohol on an earbud (spirits), just wet the head of the earbud and press it on the tick against the skin, then rub the flower of sulphur mix on the spot as so he releases himself. Always keep ticks in a holder with spirits in case you have to go to the doctor.
47. TONSILLITIS: Tonsilla according to prescription – available at ‘human’ pharmacy.
48. TOPICAL WOUNDS on DOGS and CATS – F10 ointment and also ‘raw’ honey, available from Dischem or direct from a bee farmer (not the syrup which you buy in the supermarket) or the aqueous mix can work wonders.
• Engemycin wound spray is a very good antibiotic in spray form. Curatex is only available from a Vet.
• Avert Bitter can be administered to discourage the animal from licking the wound(s).
49. TWEEZER: For use in emergencies to remove e.g. glass pieces / stings / quills.
50. VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS – Obtain the Promix range of multivitamins and probiotics. With cats, rub on their fur so they can lick it off and consume it that way.
51. VOMITING – Valoid paediatric suppositories. Dose depends on animal’s size/weight – small dogs about 1/5th of suppository, medium dogs about 1/3rd of a suppository and larger dogs about 2/3rds of a suppository. Available at all ‘human’ pharmacies. Lubricate with Vaseline or KY jelly and insert into anus until you can feel the sphincter muscles contract. VOMITING of Yorkies – Clopamon syrup. Ask your pharmacist for advice in this regard.
52. WORMS / DEWORMING – Drontal, Milbemax, Triworn or Antezole – preferably avoid supermarket items as it is not as effective to kill all types of worms.
53. WOUNDS: The usual saline solution, 9 gram (about 2 level teaspoons) salt mixed with a litre of lukewarm boiled water is recommended. Cover wound area with ‘raw’ honey thereafter. INFECTED WOUNDS you can treat with Bactroban/Supiroban (peroxide 3%) after the wound has been sprayed properly with the saline solution.
54. WOUNDS of cats: Use Hibitane concentrate. Pierre’s aqueous cream and flower of sulphur also works very well for general wounds on the skin.
55. WORMS / DEWORMING: Drontal Milbemax Triworm Antezole or Panacur – avoid supermarket items as it appears not to be sufficiently effective to kill critical worm groups. Milbemax and Advocate Spot-on is now registered to also prevent Spirocerca Lupi (S. Lupi) with regular monthly treatments. There is currently no Literature with proof that ‘spot-ons’ provide effective treatment against spirocercosis (your Vet may treat with an Ivomec or Dormectin injection after diagnosis of S. Lupi infection to destroy the larvae and adult worms).

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